January 1, 2015

Elite Laser Tag Equipment

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We take pride in our laser tag equipment

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Elite Laser Tag Equipment’s Hardware, Software and Props have been in production since 2004 and are regarded globally as professional grade indoor and outdoor laser tag equipment. Our products are known throughout the world for legendary durability, reliability and ease of use. Operating a Laser Tag business using Elite Laser Tag Equipment ensures that you have the best gear with powerful common-sense features and dynamic controls that allow for an unparalleled player experience without breaking the bank. With over 1,500 fields and over 24,000 units sold worldwide, we have proven that our business model and equipment is above board.

We take great pride in laying the foundation and groundwork for entrepreneurs and business owners to offer this fun, active option to their clients, friends and family.

We don’t just build and sell awesome Laser Tag Equipment. We run our own Mobile Business in Cameron, NC. Check out Backyard Laser Tag Party (our local mobile laser tag business)!

We want to share our passion

The one thing that really makes Elite Laser Tag Equipment unique is we are not just a manufacturer, we also run a local Mobile Entertainment Business.

Since 2010, we have been offering Mobile Amusement Events to our local market. This gives us the opportunity to teach from experience and not just sell equipment.

Our passion for the game has never been stronger, and we would love to share it with you!

Why ELITE?At Elite Laser Tag Equipment, our simple business model, industry-leading warranty, easy financing, and exemplary customer service separates us from our competitors.


“Unpack * Play * Profit” is our business motto. When you arrive at an event, you should be able to unpack your laser tag equipment, battle props, and prepare your clients for the laser tag experience of a lifetime, and play. When you use Elite Laser Tag Equipment laser taggers and equipment, you’ll never need to find an internet connection.

The more parts and technology that are required, the higher the risk of something going wrong. Create a successful business with minimal equipment and no headaches.


At Elite Laser Tag Equipment, if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. Partner with a company that will answer your calls and messages. Our toll-free number gives you options for Sales, Training/Field Operator Hotline, Operations/Parts and Client Relations.


Razorback Tagger (Revolution) — Includes NEW Stainless-Steel Hardware and comes standard with a Titan Battery! Sleek and rugged fully composite laser tagger made from space age material used in precision firearms. The Razorback is designed to do the heavy lifting in any laser tag armory. The Razorback is extremely durable and well designed. It comes with a lifetime shell warranty, has a five-year warranty on the internals, a 30-day warranty on the red/green dot reflex sight, and 1 year warranty (from the manufacturer) on the Titan battery. (was $750 – $850) The Razorback has an optional stock that can be quickly detached for younger players. The Razorback is a very affordable workhorse starting at $595 a unit. The Razorback is proudly made in the USA!

After the first twelve months is when the durability and reliability of your equipment will begin to be tested. At Elite Laser Tag Equipment, we are confident in our product because we manufacture and check everything in-house. What does this mean for you? The guarantee of top quality, American made products. If you ever need to have your equipment repaired, you won’t have to wait on overseas shipping or customs.

When you partner with Elite Laser Tag Equipment, you will benefit from our financing options and fair, consistent pricing. Many new business owners can’t afford to purchase equipment, implement marketing strategies, and hire staff right from the start. Reduce your stress and make low monthly payments as your business grows.

Add our Marketing/ SEO Package for only $3,000: One NEW Independent Laser Tag Website, 6 Social Media Sites Set Up, Key-worded and Launched (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp, Google and Online Booking System Set Up.)

We look forward to earning your business and developing a long-lasting mutual win-win relationship.

Why Laser Tag?

* It’s active and FUN
* Boys, Girls and Adults LOVE Laser Tag!
* Mobile is HOT!
* No busing for schools
* No Rent to Pay
* No Landlord
* Make your own hours
* Get Paid up Front
* Add on to Family entertainment center

* Add on to Mobile Video Game Truck
* Add on to Inflatables
* It’s Simple
* It’s Easy to Set Up
* No Food to Spoil
* No Products to Stock or Sell
* People want convenience

Perfect for Fairs, Festivals, Birthday parties, Graduations, Corporate Events, City Events, Customer Appreciations, Open Houses, Block Parties, Fundraising Events and Team Parties!


Titan Batteries – INCLUDED IN TAGGER PRICE – One year manufacturer’s warranty. $37.00 each additional battery. Twice as long runtimes / 3200-3400mAh capacity / Short protection /Overheat protection / Over-charge protection / Low voltage protection. Comes with its own battery management system / Up to 1 year warranty. Warranty active from the date on the battery.

ReSpawn Box Plus $165

ReSpawns player back into game by proximity (no button touch). It is rechargeable (no disposable batteries). This prop is also tripod ready and fitted with loops for Velcro straps.

Capture the Flag Box Set $330.00 (one Red, one Blue $165 each)

Two boxes set to play alpha vs bravo digital capture the flag. (Players compete to capture the other team’s flag and return to
their base without being eliminated.)

Medic Box / Prop $165

Available in Red or Blue. Enables Players to heal themselves without having to return to base.

Ammo Box / Prop $165

Comes in OD Green. Enables Players to replenish ammo without having to return to base.

Features Key Switch on/off. Rechargeable battery (upgradeable to Titan Battery with $25 fee)

Claymore Box / Prop $165

Comes in Coyote Tan. Proximity elimination device. Each Team can place on field to eliminate the opposition.

Features Key Switch on/off. Rechargeable battery (upgradeable to Titan Battery with $25 fee)

Kids love team sports, a challenge, role playing and video game scenarios. Elite Laser Tag Equipment puts it all together and creates the ultimate experience! The 14 foot “bunker” features army paraphernalia on the walls and ceiling, coin flooring, charging stations for The Laser Taggers and custom seating for the troops! Combo Events (90 minutes of each) are very popular! We charge $539 for that event in our local market.

Inside the Laser Tag Trailer, the recruits will put on their Camouflage Face Paint, Special Ops Vests and receive instructions on the use of the Taggers from the Referee/Drill Sergeant.

If the “Recruits” get tired, hungry or thirsty, no worries…they can take a break in the climate-controlled Army Bunker and enjoy some shade with heat and air!


Laser Tag is fun for all ages!

Our Laser Tag Trailer Package includes pop up bunkers for players to hide behind, making “combat” more fun! We also provide two larger ReSpawn Stations for the players to get back into the game when they run out of ammo. Want to add them to a Laser Tag Package without a trailer? You bet!

Big Kids love laser tag too
Don’t need: Hi Speed internet
Don’t need: WiFi
Don’t need: Bluetooth
Don’t need: iPads
Don’t need: Powerful Laptop
Don’t need: WiFi Extenders
Don’t need: Power to run system
Don’t need: Software or software engineer to set system up each time
No Long setup up on mobile event if even possible
No disconnects or drops while in game play
Scoring directly ties into the tagger.
Just key on tagger and scoring module and it automatically connects and keeps track of scoring live
No having to wire in a speaker system to play games


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