January 1, 2015

Our Quality of Build

Quality of design, quality of build, quality of service…. is at the core of our success…and ultimately of your success.

We got into this business in 2010. We are celebrating our 10th year running a Local Mobile Game Theater and our 9th year offering this amazing, fun and profitable business opportunity.

Edward on the jobOwner Edward Gainer
Before the Bling


 What you’ll get from us: 10 – 12 weeks of video, phone and email marketing training. One day of Operations Training. 

You are busy. We know that. You don’t need to spend a week away from your life to learn how to start a video game truck business. There is a formula, you put your spin on it.

A Family, Not a Franchise

◦YOUR OWN WEBSITE (not a “city link” off of a “Big Corporate Web Site”) National Websites sell Mobile Game Theaters Nationwide. Local Websites (key-worded by our “Google Guru”) sell Local Events & Parties.  Don’t be a link! 
◦Extensive help with LOCAL ADVERTISING. National Advertising sells more Mobile Game Theaters. Local Advertising sells Local Events & Parties. Don’t sell Game Trucks on your site!
◦260 Page Training Manual
◦Access to Online “New Owner Kit” with over 600 files of pictures, templates and training documents
◦Invitation to Private Facebook Forum with over 180 Mobile Game Theater Owners. Don’t be left scared and alone! We’ll help you!
◦Social Media Sites set up – Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Yelp & A Reservation System. Don’t let anyone tell you what to tweet, post or share! Post that funny cat video!
◦Website set up for you right away so you can start booking parties immediately. Don’t count on a company to “manage” your bookings! YOU DON’T NEED THAT. We set it up – You own it!
◦8 – 12 weeks of pre-delivery training – phone, email and online
◦Optional in person “shadow the game coach day”
◦After-the-purchase support and guidance
◦Easy-to-understand Operations and Maintenance Manual – we register your trailer and provide you serial and model numbers as well as clickable links and documents for all of your warranties.
◦32.6’ V-Nose Trailer – 8 1/2 x 24 – 4.6′ V-Nose – 4′ Tongue
◦5200# Torsion Tandem Axles – There is a competitor out there putting #3200 Axles on their 28″ Trailers. This is not a good idea. We want your trailer to be safe and durable. If you purchase a 32′ Trailer, we install #6000 Axles.
◦6 Inches additional height – 7’ Interior! (Exclusive to Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party)
◦Screw-less Exterior
◦HDMI power splitter (Connects all TVs to one input for Cable/DVD/Satellite Options)
◦1 – 60” TV in Action Station 5th TV in Front FIRST IN INDUSTRY!
◦Laser Light Kit Installed FIRST IN INDUSTRY!
◦Stadium Seating Under-Glow FIRST IN INDUSTRY!
◦Custom Colored Gaming Towers FIRST IN INDUSTRY!
Red, Yellow, Blue, Arctic Green, Schneider Orange and More!
◦Shadow Box Inside for Xbox Remote Storage FIRST IN INDUSTRY! 
◦Choose Interior Colors – Ceiling & Doors FIRST IN INDUSTRY! 
◦Trailer Under Glow Lighting NEW IN 2013! FIRST IN INDUSTRY!
◦Custom Metal Cover on Generator Exhaust NEW IN 2013!
◦Rock Guard Paint on Tongue NEW IN 2014! FIRST IN INDUSTRY!
◦LCD Digital Volt Meter NEW IN 2014! FIRST IN INDUSTRY!
◦Mini Spread Axles – Pic below NEW IN 2015! FIRST IN INDUSTRY!

The Spread Axles feature two fenders creating a cool racing look.
◦Custom Built 10′ x 5′ Exterior Shadow Box with 2 additional 50” TVs, 1 Nintendo Switch, 1 Xbox One S, 2 Speaker Bars & 8 Remotes
◦Shadow Box creates 10′ x 5′ Overhead Awning
◦Stadium seating for 24-30 (Most competitors seat 16 gamers)
◦7.0 KW Commercial Generator (This is an upgrade for most companies and is standard even on our Option #2 with 5 TVs)
◦Electric Transfer Switch for Generator
◦Touch Start Generator with Fuel Level Indicator inside
◦30 Gallon Frame-mounted gas tank – Most offer 11-18 Gallon
◦5 – 5 Xbox One S including 4 Wireless Remotes – Option to upgrade to Xbox One X
◦Custom wiring enables PS4 to play on any TV or all TVs – Also plays a DVD on any TV
◦4 PS4 including 4 Wireless Remotes – Option to upgrade to PS4 Pro
◦2 Nintendo Switches including 4 Wireless Remotes
◦27-32 Multi-player/Split Screen/Party Proven Games
◦4 – 50″ HD TVs – Want bigger? Let us know! Want 4k? You Bet!
◦12 inch Aluminum Step (Exclusive to Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party)
◦48″ Rear Door/36″ Side Door in V-Nose
◦Advertising Wrap on Screw-less Exterior with your logo, name and contact info (You choose from our plethora of templates – option to add your own pictures  for small design fee)
◦Durable Coin Floor Liner  (No carpet or slippery, smooth flooring)
◦Skid Rollers Welded under Rear (This is an upgrade for most companies)
◦Steel Plates Welded under Rear Corners (This is an upgrade for most companies)
◦Aluminum Interiors – It won’t rust, it’s lightweight and it’s easier to clean and maintain than vinyl or painted wood.
◦Game Coach Seat (4 and 5 TV Units)
◦Steel Rack on Tongue for Generator – Rock-guard paint on tongue(Exclusive to Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party)
◦Black Commercial Carpeted Walls
◦Custom Colored Lighting Package (This is an upgrade for most companies)
◦13500 BTU Air Conditioners/ Heaters
◦Fire Extinguisher
◦Wall Mounted Fan/Remote
◦Cleaning Supplies
◦Vacuum Cleaner

Our Trailers are Built Stronger to Last Longer

  • Tube Frames: Tube main frames that are stronger, straighter and tow better
  • Protected Wiring: In frame wiring offers protection from road debris & weather
  • Roof Flashing: Roof flashing at critical joints, hi-tech roof sealant
  • Steel Backers: Exterior side wall lighting & door hold backs mounted in a steel backer
  • Sealed Floors: Helps keep your valuable cargo dry. ¾” plywood floors are fully sealed around the perimeter edges.
  • Primer: Painted areas on are prepped, primed and painted for longer lasting paint.
  • Roof Flashing: Roof flashing at critical joints, hi-tech roof sealant Wheel Box Structure: All 8.5′ wide trailer sidewalls include 1″ x 3″ tubing across the top connected to 1″ x 3″ tubing running vertically



We craft your unit to your unique needs.

Attention to detail is as important to us as it is to you.

Call 910-977-2228 for our Packages and Pricing. We’ll email you a spreadsheet of all of our Models and Options.

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