January 1, 2015



Words from a few of our Mobile Game Theater Family:

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If you are considering a competitor, ask them for pictures of their Game Theater Owners with their new rigs. Ask for more than just a few names. Request links to their Facebook or Website. Make sure the testimonials are from real buyers.

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“I entered into the game trailer business a little less that 2 years ago. One thing is for certain, I could not be more happy with Ed and Dana’s product. I have had the opportunity to see other game trailers and trailers made by “other” companies just do not compare at all. I am on my third trailer from these guys and I will not even entertain doing business with anyone else. The amount of customer service and willingness to help their customers is just awesome. Quality, customer service, value and just plain awesome! Thank you Ed and Dana!” – Jeremy, Rockin’ Game Party,  October 2017

We made it home! We want to thank Edward Gainer Dana Gainer and Kevin for the great training and getting us ready for this awesome trailer. Here to a great season!!” – Jason, Anchors Aweigh Entertainment,  March 2018

First I like to say thank you to Dana and Edward for this awesome truck! Dana sold me without any sales pitch at all. Our first home show this weekend, with a parade, and a birthday party! So we are busy, we got a lot of feed back and some potential clients. Excited and ready to get these bookings going.” – Maurice, Buckeye Video Game Truck,  March 2015

“Both Lauren and I have day jobs so we mainly work on the weekends and follow the program that Dana and Ed have put together and it works. It’s such a fun business to run because I have the whole family involved. My 5 and 6 year olds help me clean the trailer in between parties, my 10 year old is a game coach and handles all the Minecraft questions, and Lauren handles the invitations and follow-ups with the customers. The whole experience has been a joy especially the endless smiles on the kids’ faces. Thank you Dana and Ed from Go Time Gaming!” Chad, August 2014

“Awesome job on our new trailer guys. We couldn’t be happier!”
Scott, Games on a Roll, March, 2012

“Dana and Ed are the best! If you are interested in being an owner of a mobile video game theater, I recommend Rockin Rollin Video Game Party! Their customer service and support are second to none. We really appreciate all of the support that you have provided to and for us through this new business adventure.” – Manta review by Shawan & Alex, NOLA Games On Wheels July, 2012

“Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE our new business? Seeing the anticipation, smiles and sometimes uncontrollable jumping up & down with excitement when we pull up with the game trailer is nothing but pure joy. And “working” with the men in my life is a special bonus.” – Shauna, Get Your Game On, October 2012

“We picked the trailer up yesterday and the orange is great! when the doors are closed and the systems are on, the orange reflects just enough light so it isn’t totally dark. Ginny…, Mike…, and I really like it. Dana Gainer and Edward did a GREAT job on the trailer!” – Mark, The E.D.G.E Party Trailer, November 2012

“One down, two more parties to go. We love our jobs at NOLA Games On Wheels!” – Alex, NOLA Games on Wheels, January 2013

“Bookings have started to flow! We scored with a local … to provide parties for their summer programs. So far we have 5-weekday parties booked and we’re working on many others.”
Bob, New Owner (before even taking delivery of his unit), Mobile Game Experience, February 2013

“Trailer is unbelievable!!! And the guys were awesome! Everything is even better than what we expected. My brain hurts from info overload & I am exhausted!…. :-). Thanks for everything!!!” – Shauna, Get Your Game On, August, 2012

“March is looking like a great month for us! Halo 4 parties seem to be the theme. It’s hard to replace the rush of booking an event and getting paid 🙂 Game on!”
Russell, Rolling Arcade, February 2013

“Sue and I just want you know how much we appreciate everything that you have done with all the Social Media stuff. It all looks great. We are going to take a close look at everything this weekend and see if there are any tweaks that need to be made. Once again, thank you! We definitely see why you use Pete and Amanda. They have been so easy to work with and we love their work.”
Mark, New Owner, (before taking delivery of his unit) Game Time Express, March, 2013

“Good morning Edward and Dana. I want to first apologize again for calling so late on a Sunday. We were coming from an event and saw a huge park with what looked like 1000 kids at the largest playground I have ever seen. We parked and both the kids and parents left the playground and swarmed the trailer. We handed out a slew of flyers to parents. It was the busiest weekend for us thus far. We had events last week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ended the weekend with events on Saturday and Sunday. We are even pushing trying to push a few events to Mark that we can’t cover. We have the huge event with the radio station on Saturday and for the first time I will be dropping the trailer on my own. I want to thank Edward so very much for the assistance. I was praying he would answer the phone Lol. We were cheeks out in the middle of the street and the brakes on the trailer locked up. I was in panic mode. I never thought that the safety cord had come loose. Thank you guys again. At some point you are going to make me use the L word. Awww what the heck. I love you guys!!! Thank you for saving my life yesterday. I will be sure to post it in the owner’s forum on Facebook. By the way, we did come to an agreement on the deal at the race track. They are expecting 10,000 person crowd at an event in May and we will be there as well as a host of other events they are having. 🙂 You both take care and have an excellent day.” – Michael, Xtreme Game Experience, April, 2013

“I would like to thank Dana for all of the hard work she has put into getting us started with our business and thank to all the other owners who have been so supported of us coming on board. We are ready for the excitement…Central Texas here we come!!” – Taurus, Game Changer, May, 2013

“Booked 3 parties today and got a call on a 4th! Yea. But I really am e-mailing you to say that the battery deal is done. I’m going to send the receipt to (the trailer builder) and Wayne is going to take care of it. I meant to take a picture and I will next time I’m at the trailer. Looking into the tailgate thing. I for one think it would be great to pull up, sit down and watch a football game with some people and get paid for it. Not like I wasn’t going to watch it anyway. Thanks again for all the help you guys provide.” – Dave,  North Texas Extreme Gaming, August, 2013

Posts from our Facebook Forum…

“A very BIG THANK YOU to Ed and Dana. We’ve had a few technical problems and Ed went above and beyond to help get it fixed.” – Tim, Owner of Game Away, August 2013

“Yep…they totally ROCK!!!” – Erin, Owner since March 2012, Games on a Roll, August 2013

“Edward and Dana are great business people.” – Bob, Owner since February 2013, Extreme Game Experience, August 2013

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