Experience * Compassion * Innovation

GAME ON! We are the fastest growing Mobile Video Game Theater Company with 122 Game Theaters World-Wide! You enjoy Full Training in a Turn-Key Program. E & D Ventures, LLC is not a Franchise and we don’t make you advertise our Name, Logo or Website!! No Fees! No Control.

(Entrepreneurs like it that way…)


We Build and Sell this Amazing Opportunity and we run our own Laser Tag Trailer and a Mobile Video Game Theater in Cameron, North Carolina. We are also 50% owners of a Mobile Video Game Theater in the Raleigh, NC area, Roll On Up Gaming.

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Click Here to contact Independent Owner/Operators! We have units in Alaska, Canada, Nigeria (2), Oman (1), AL, AR, AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, MA, MD, MS, MI, MO, MT, NC, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, VA & WA!

Our beautiful Mobile Game Theaters only look expensive! $49,200 (Premier “Basic” 4 TVs) to $73,900 (Extreme “Most Popular” 7 TVs)

Laser Lights, Bluetooth Enabled Sound Bars, Satellite Plug & Play, Switch between Satellite, Wii U, Xbox One S & PS4 (Movie). Bench Under-Glow, Mag Wheels,  Spread Axles, 7 foot Interior,  Stadium Seating and Your Choice of INTERIOR METAL COLORS

Pick a Game Truck Interior Color 2016


Check out this Video of our Facility, our Mobile Game Trucks and a few of our Independent Owners during training! Join our Family today!

Bridget and Jahmal in front of their rig

Out of Control Gaming and the RRVGP Team Andre with his MalaveRock Mobile Game Theater 3

  • Want to purchase from the Company First to Offer the Laser Light Show, Trailer Under-Glow, and Bench Under-Glow? Since 2011 we have been offering Upgraded Lighting Effects, Stadium Seating,  Colored Towers and a plethora of Custom Options!
  • Want the Colors, Towers and Open Design only we create?
  • Want to buy from the fastest growing/ leader in the industry?
  • Want to have your custom rig built to order from the ground up? Not plucked from a trailer lot and modified.

Don’t settle for a Company or an individual who tells you they can look at pictures and build what we build. Don’t risk your investment on a Company that takes an existing trailer and outfits the inside. When they “retrofit” an existing trailer, they have to build the walls and ceiling inside the original walls…

Don't build false walls and plywood benches 1

That-is-a-lot-of-plywood 2





…to accommodate the wiring and lighting that we install inside the aluminum tubing during construction. They frame their seating from wood that is nailed together. RRVGP uses Steel Tubing Welded in place. The Interior below is our Mobile Game Theater before the seating is installed. Lots of room! No heavy wooden walls or benches.

Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party’s Interior…

Metal, Vinyl, Rubber and Commericial Carpet

Don’t lose valuable interior space to save money! TRUST THE EXPERTS. WE GOT THIS!

Wiring in the walls

Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party’s Finished Product…

MalaveRock Mobile Game Theater Interior

At RRVGP, we use all of that valuable inside space!

  • Want an Onan Certified Technician installing your Commercial Generator and upholding your warranty?
  • Want Steel Welded Stadium Seating and Metal Cabinets?
  • Want your Trailer Builder to only own a Turn-Key Business and not also own a Franchise Business? We only sell one independent business and don’t play both sides.
  • Want the support of a Big Company without the control?
  • Want help and advice rather than rules and restrictions?
  • Want to buy from a Company with Six Years of experience?
  • Want a Company that has a track record? ( 120 Game Trailers).
  • Want to work with the Owners, not a Manager or Consultant?
  • Want your own Booking System and Separate Website?
  • Would you like to use your own Business Name and Brand?
  • Want a website that’s just about YOU and your Business?
  • Want amazing rankings on search engines? Google “Mobile Game Theater Pinehurst, NC”
  • Do you want someone to answer the phone? 910-977-2228! Go ahead – TEST US! Talk to the Owner. Not a Receptionist, or an Answering Service, who can’t talk about the PRODUCT.  NOT a smarmy salesperson who wants to “overcome your objections” and follow a “sales script”.  Call the Owner’s cell phone. 
  • Would you like us to provide pricing on your first phone call? 910-977-2228! Would you like us to send you pictures of every Custom Trailer we offer, lists of EVERYTHING IN THE PACKAGE and photos of MGT Owners picking up their NEW MOBILE GAME THEATERS? Call the Owner’s cell phone. RRVGP’s Owner will answer…or you get a gift with purchase!
  • Would you like to come out to NC and see our 4,000 square foot Facility and Training Center?  How about tagging along with one of our Trainers to a Party or Event? Call the Owner’s cell phone… 

Join our FAMILY and reap the rewards of our

Experience * Compassion * Innovation

Our team is like a finely tuned engine, churning out Successful Mobile Game Theater Owners!

Our team is like a finely tuned engine, churning out Successful Mobile Game Theater Owners!

More about us here

Buy from the leader in fresh ideas and innovation.

We feature Color Changing Mobile Game Theater Under-Glow! The idea to add this cool look came from our Mobile Game Theater Owner in New Orleans in 2012. Awesome Advice!

 Our Staff is the most knowledgeable when it comes to Video Games, Training and the Industry!

CNdOplrWoAAWOqDWe have LIVE Twitch feeds and Game Blogs for recommendations!

(You may know Kyle from his YouTube Videos…Kyle’s World)

What is it like to purchase from Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party?

  • Choose the Color for your Gaming Towers, Doors and Ceiling
  • Pick your Favorite Wrap
  • Design your Website
  • Build your Google Ranking and build your business
  • Join  our Private Facebook Forum  with 150 other Owners
  • We get your Social Media, Website and Wrap Rolling
  • Learn the Booking Software – Set up for you  by Our Team
  • Book Events right away – You get paid up front
  • We are betting on your success, not on collecting a piece of it

Want something custom green orange. Have an idea but no means to bring it to fruition? We like thinking outside of the box. Call and tell us what you are envisioning and we’ll brainstorm with you.  We don’t charge for proposals.

USO of NC's Mobile Unit with Observation Deck!
USO of NC’s Mobile Unit Awning and Observation Deck!
Concession Window!
Custom Mobile Game Truck with Concession Window and Kitchenette!



MalaveRock back stageBack Stage with a 40″ TV, Wii U, a 10′ x 16′ Awning and Vinyl Strips on the rear to keep the A/C in!

MalaveRock Glamour ShotSquare Front Style and a 10kw Generator!


Choose your Advertising Wrap!

Add a 16′ x 10′ Automatic Awning!mirror-me-booth-in-a-game-trailer

Add a Photo Booth to the front of the Mobile Game Theater! Increase your ROI!


Our Beautiful Game Theaters run on a quiet commercial generator and are climate controlled!


Check out the Virtual Reality Station in the front of this Game Trailer! The PS4 VR is a BLAST!


Below are a few pics of the TEAM doing just that…

Team IAAPA 2015 Chico, Ed and Country 20151116_154333 Dana iaapa 2016 shop sweeper Riding Quads


Game Coaches Golf Outing Bubble Soccer Game Coaches in front of Uplay's Rig Game Coaches Racing Game Coaches Kevin, Ben and Dalton Fun as NASCAROur Independent Game Truck Owners are becoming the talk of their towns! Check out their Articles and News Stories below!

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