January 1, 2015


How much money can I make with my own Mobile Video Game Business?

Although there is no specific guarantee and no exact income that we can promise you, you will have all the tools you will need to generate great revenue…the amount you can make is dependent on whether you make your Mobile Game Theater business your full-time or part-time income. It’s also dependent on how many parties you book…some aim to book more parties than others. Use the training provided by us to advertise your web site in many different manners and you will increase your profit potential exponentially.

Call Dana Gainer at 910-977-2228 to receive to a document that can help you realize the profit potential of a Mobile Game Theater Business.

The “Break Even Worksheet” is a spreadsheet that shows how many parties per month it takes to break even (at which point you start “turning a profit.”) When you use the spreadsheet, you’ll see standard expenses for Mobile Game Theater owners are broken down into “per party” costs, monthly and yearly costs.

When you look below the spreadsheet columns, you’ll see that even with expenses as listed, paying a Game Coach, paying a truck loan and a loan for the Game Trailer, in this example the “Break Even” point is 15 parties a month (less than 4 parties a week.) If you book and provide more than that, you will be turning a profit and paying off your loans at the same time.

This is not a promise of income but a projection of what is possible with the right things…

The Right Mobile Video Game Theater – Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party’s rigs seat more gamers, have more head room and a ton of extras like mag wheels, laser light show, LED colored lighting, satellite ready units and under glow lighting.

The Right Training – We offer 8-10 weeks of pre-delivery training, a 260 page training manual, 60 page Operations Manual and in person party and driving training.

The Right Marketing – Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party sets up 6 social media sites key-worded for excellent search rankings, your reservation system and assists you with finding free internet listings.

The Right Website – With RRVGP you design your own website with our SEO expert and enjoy amazing rankings on Bing, Yahoo and Google. Why be a link from a big website when you can have your own name, identity, brand and local key worded searches!

The Right Support – We are second to none in helping our owners before, during and after the purchase of their Mobile Video Game Theater. When you have the Head of Operations, the Head of Marketing and Training and our Game Coach/Trainer a cell phone call away, you’ll never feel lost and alone.

The Right Family – We offer a Private Facebook Forum membership the moment you put down your deposit. We want you on right away so you can peruse past postings, download files and ask questions about your new venture. With 200 other MGT owners/partners on the forum, there is always an expert ready with an answer for you.

The Right Attitude – If we build it they won’t just come. You have to work smart and work hard. We teach you everything you need to know to be successful, but you get out of this business what you put into it. If you succeed, we succeed! Your 2nd Game Truck is up to 10% off.

The Right Decision– At RRVGP we aren’t hard core sales people. The owners have very successful sales backgrounds, but we don’t want to talk you into this business. We want you to succeed, tell others and expand your Mobile Game Truck Fleet.

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