January 1, 2015



*Not all Video Game Theater Builders are approved to received “Pre-funding” from these lenders. Call Dana for more information. 910-977-2228

We would be happy to email you the entire list of professionals that understand this unique business and know the quality of our product and the success of our current Independent Mobile Game Theater Owners. This information is provided as helpful information only. You are free to use any financial firm you choose. Ready to apply? 

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Lease Process

  • We offer Flexible finance options, with transparent, fixed monthly payments that you can build your business plan around.
  • Low Initial Cost- No down payment required in some cases!
  • Quick, Same Day Approval!
  • Preserves your capital, you use someone else’s money to build -your- business!
  • Easy, Hassle-free Electronic document signing!

Call  (720) 539-9352 and ask for Alex Silva. Email: alexs@leaseprocess.com

Tell him Dana Gainer sent you.

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Want more Lenders? Please Call Dana at 910-977-2228 TODAY to discuss financing partners and what could be available for you!  Not all Trailer Builders are approved to received “Pre-funding” from these lenders. 

 No Franchise Fees = More income = Paying your loan back.
Lenders like that!

Why E & D Ventures, LLC is a good risk…

  • Relationship – We know the Lenders we are listing. They know our way of doing business.
  • Reputation – BBB rating of A+ – No negative reviews online. Call our Owners for a referral!
  • Experience – 8th year in business
  • Debt Free – RRVGP carries no debt and has an excellent business credit rating.
  • Growth – Fastest growing Mobile Game Theater Company – Franchise or Non-Franchise – 162 Game Theaters World-wide!
  • Trailer Exterior – Our Exterior Trailer Builder has a stellar reputation and is expanding. 5 Year Warranty Included.
Why Lenders like us…
  • Profitable – More than 160 Units from NY to CA,  FL to Canada, Oman to Nigeria, Australia to Nebraska.
  • Repeatable – This business works anywhere in the world. Just change the wrap and the event price.
  • Continued Support – RRVGP offers support after the purchase and a Private Forum with over 195 Operators to share bookings, help with marketing and give equipment and maintenance support.
  • High ROI – 50% – 70%. Our ROI is proven and higher than Retail, Food Trucks, Restaurant Concepts and other business models.
  • No Franchise Fees – Owner keeps their income
  • Search Engine Optimization – Seven social media sites and a website set up and key-worded. Training includes SEO maintenance.
  • Independent Website, Name and Brand – No advertising for a company that sells the same Mobile Game Theater to others
  • No Control – Freedom to do events anywhere


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