January 1, 2015

The Training

Training starts when you put down your deposit and we begin building your Mobile Game Theater. This is what you can expect from our team as we manage your training and act as your Mentors.

Our team is like a finely tuned engine, churning out Successful Mobile Game Theater Owners!

Our training is Client Driven. I send you a list of Steps and you have access to all of the training materials. You may need more help on Social Media and less on Video Games. Even if you don’t have a Facebook Page and haven’t gamed since “Pong” It’s Okay.

We Got This. 


We train you  in YOUR Mobile Game Theater at our North Carolina headquarters. This moment was captured in March of 2012. game-coach

Train on a Friday in your Mobile Game Theater then tag along on a busy Saturday!

First 60 – 90 days


We get you started on your website with our web designer. The package includes site design and publishing and linking your website to the Reservation System. Your site will allow you to log in and make changes to content, pricing, photos and more. (Our web designer also includes six months of free text or still photo updates.) Our designer will use our template to set it up and will customize the content to drive local customers to you via Internet searches. You will need to provide the local content (list of cities, counties and competition) for the internet searches and buy your chosen domain name and hosting from GoDaddy.com. (Or company of your choice, provided they offer WordPress hosting.) When it is complete, you will provide us the website name, logo and phone number for the Mobile Game Theater wrap.  We’ve had great luck with internet searches as a result of his content. Google “Birthday Party Ideas Pinehurst”, “Mobile Game Theater Pinehurst ”,“Buy a Video Game Theater” or “Own a Mobile Game Theater” and you’ll see what he can do and what free listings can do.

We will set up your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google Business, Yelp, Instagram and YouTube accounts. We will provide you pictures and testimonials to use in the beginning until you have your own.

We’ll share the 3 things most Facebook Business Pages do incorrectly.

We have our wrap designer contact you to start designing your Mobile Game Theater Wrap. Basic changes like your logo on each side and your contact information are included.

We will give you a list of pages of free internet listings from Merchant Circle to Yelp. We will provide you links to our listings and give you the content that we know works. We will also offer assistance with finding any free sites that will drive local sales to you in your area.

We will show you the best ways to find local events in the surrounding areas and how to get paid to be there.

We will train you on the best ways to find the organizations in your area, how to contact them and how to book parties before you receive your Mobile Game Theater.   We will set up an appointment booking system that will allow you to schedule your parties, bill clients and keep accurate records.

You will get a “How to Guide” for running the different kinds of events you will encounter

  • Ticketed Festivals
  • Tournaments
  • Midnight Releases
  • Birthday Parties
  • Open play Festivals
  • Church Events
  • School Events – class rotation
  • Fundraising Events – percentage back or split on ticket sales

We will set up your reservation system for you and then teach you about…

  • Setting up booking options
  • Linking your business bank account
  • Keeping track of bookings
  • Customizing the options with pictures and videos
  • Managing discounts and special pricing
    You will receive assistance with setting up your Payment Gateway
  • Link to Reservation System
  • Linking business bank account
  • Customizing with your logo
  • Putting in credit cards manually when necessary
  • How to avoid paying any monthly fees

We will give you advice about

  • The 3 kinds of insurance you will need.
  • Using Email templates, Flyer Templates, Invitations and Business Card Templates that have worked for us.
  • Where to order (Flyers are under 3 cents per ½ page 2-sided color glossy) Customize them with your name, logo and personality
  • National networking groups that drive your business and help with local groups in your area.
  • What you need to do to prepare for your Mobile Game Theater.
  • Our recommended size truck to pull the rig
  • Storing your Mobile Game Theater
  • Trailer Brakes – what kind to buy and what they should cost
  • Items you will need for public events
  • Signs you will need
  • Buying a give-away for the Birthday Boy or Girl
    Promoting and setting up your open house.
  • Operations when you take possession of your Mobile Game Theater
  • We provide “New Owner Driven” Training
  • Hands on training/troubleshooting/driving
  • If possible, arrange to do a ride along with us on a busy weekend before you buy

  •  Training on trouble shooting the functions of the Mobile Game Theater
  • Help with the mechanics of operating the Mobile Game Theater
  • Hooking up
  • Un-hooking at an event
  • Scheduled maintenance
  •  Safety
  • Operating the generator
  • Best practices when driving
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the inside and outside of the trailer
    Running an Awesome Party or Event
  • Making sure the kids are having a great time
  • Changing out games
  • Which games are your best bets for each age group
  • Which games are easy to start and stop
  • Kids rules for the inside of the trailer
  • Trouble shooting games and systems
  • Keeping control while still making it fun
  • System Linking games
  • Making the Guest of Honor feel special
  • Being a great Game Coach
  • Our goal is to set you up for success and make you feel comfortable running your own Mobile Game Theater business.

We want you to hit the ground running and feel confident in your ability to promote, sell, manage and operate your new business.

Our final goal is for you to be so successful that you will recommend us to others and be ready for another trailer after your first eight months to a year.

As one of our Owners, if you recommend us to a third party and they purchase a Mobile Game Theater, we pay a referral fee of up to $1,000. If you would like to purchase a 2nd trailer, you get a discount.

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