January 12, 2015

About Our Company

about-us-family2We’re a Family of Independant Operators across the USA and overseas. Want to pay a fair price? Do you want the best custom Mobile Game Theater available? Would you like to take an active role in your Game Theater’s unique look? Would you like assistance with your online listings? Do you want an experienced marketing expert to set up Social Media sites that drive sales? Would you like your own name, identity, website and logo? Want a website that’s just about you and your business plus it has amazing rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo? Do you want assurance that we will still be there after you drive away with your Mobile Amusement Theater? You’ve got it. That’s all in a day’s work for us, and it’s the way it should be. 220 Mobile Amusement / Game Theaters in Operation, 12 years building, 13 years running our own Mobile Game Theater. Follow our Proven Formula to Success.

We Build and Sell this Amazing Opportunity and we run our own Laser Tag Trailer and a Mobile Video Game Theater in Cameron, North Carolina. We have run our local business since 2010.

Edward Gainer, Phil Leddy (Owner of Gaming Trailer) and Dana Gainer

RRVGP Owners Ed & Dana Gainer with a Happy Owner at an Expo in 2014.

personal-supportDon’t be a part of a big website where your client can buy a Mobile Game Theater! Don’t pay someone $1,000’s of dollars for an intensive training program. We have marketing and training package and our Operations Training is always freee. Don’t buy a franchise and pay someone to do what we can teach you to do! Don’t pay a percentage of your hard earned money! Don’t pay someone to book your parties or get you “SEO”. We’ll teach you how to get found online. Our team will share everything you need to do to be successful. FOLLOW OUR FORMULA, JOIN OUR FAMILY, DON’T PAY FRANCHISE FEES. 

Keep your overhead low and the money in your pocket, not someone else’s. If you’d like to own your own turn-key, ground floor business, check us out! Want to feel welcome, supported and valuable? You came to the right place. Welcome to our Family and get ready to Rock!


First Owners Scott and Erin in New York in January 2011.

what-sets-apart Number one is the quality of our trailers. Our Bravo Game Trailers come with a FIVE year warranty. We can also offer other trailers that offer a shorter warranty and equipment if requested due to budget concerns. Our track record for mentoring entrepreneurs to success, the quality of our builds and our trailer make and models being easily appraised on Nadaguides.com makes financing with your chosen lender seamless. Our Luxury, Limo-Style Theater on wheels features Mag Wheels, a 9500kw Predator or 7.0kw Onan Generator, ATP Kick plates on the interior of the doors, 1/4 inch steel corner skid plates on the rear, bogey wheels (protects back of trailer), 6 inches more inside height than most Mobile Game Theaters, 2 1/2 more inches of clearance so you don’t drag when you’re pulling out of a driveway or gas station, 4-8 widescreen high-definition 4K TVs, an Action Station and Multi-player Gaming excitement! 20-32 can play at the same time with room for 10 – 12 more on the stadium seating! Most of our Mobile Game Theater feature an “Action Station” in front of the 5th TV as you enter the front door with the option of an outside gaming station with 2 55 ” 4k TVs. Our two-level custom seating is locally upholstered in marine grade vinyl and comes in black with your choice of piping / trim color and the second row is your choice of color with black piping / trim. Have a custom color? We can match it. We also include extra cushioning on our custom seating. The walls are black carpet and the ceiling, towers, ceiling trim and cabinets are your choice of colored metal (Metallic Charcoal, Pewter, Red, Royal Blue, Silver or Black). We even throw in Customized Colored LED Lights over the seating, a Fire Extinguisher, Bench Under Glow Lighting and a Laser Light Show! You can add other items like Trailer UnderGlow, VR, a Handicap Ramp, Strips on the front door and more. Feel free to book a party or plan an event right away because you will have everything you need including all the latest multiplayer titles updated and ready to play! Looking at a competitor? Give us a call for a line by line comparison of features/benefits/support.  See photos here.

Number 2 is our customer service. We text you back, answer your email and answer the phone – during the sale and after you purchase. After hours? Send us an email or text? Need us right now with an Operations Question or emergency? Call 910-263-2265. The moment you deposit you receive a 260-page training manual, an invtite to our Private Facebook Forum. You also receive a 260 page Training Manual, access to our dropbox with over 1000 files and a 60-page operations manual. All are overflowing with best practices, templates, sample online listings as well as operation checklists, easy to understand warranty information and maintenance how to’s. Want something custom? We’ve built everything from two TV Game Theaters to 14 TV Game Theaters! From all VR Theaters to Karaoke to an upcoming Mobile Bowling Alley, E & D Ventures can build it. We’ll work with you to design your vision.  Learn more about our Game Coach training here.

Number 3 is the value of our package. We don’t build cookie cutter game trailers and all in one game theaters with the same interior and wrap. Every Video Game Theater is unique and every marketing campaign is tailored to you and your local area. You receive a Quality Game Theater, your own website (not a link from a “Big Web Site”) and full before-and-after-purchase training. We offer such a competitive price because we have a long range plan. Our system is geared towards our clients expanding and succeeding. We would love to talk with you about how this home-based business has changed our lives…and what it could do for you!  Contact us.

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